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Focused Web Design is an Australian based premium web development company. Located in Victoria we are well positioned to met you all your web development and corporate branding needs. With a passion and flare for design our developers will work with your enterprise to develop a finished product that will exceed your expectations. Our development and project team have over 20 years of industry experience and numerous business related qualifications we look forward to building a long term relationship with your business. We view our role as complimentary to your business and our products and services will add value to your business. In addition to our web design and hosting service we also offer our clients a comprehensive service package that includes management of strategic projects, workforce planning and resource management. Our skill set and our 100% committment to your corporate project will yield large dividends for your business. Our Project Manager (Chris Noble-Green) can be contacted via email: chris@focusedwebdesign.com or telephone 0423 606 528.
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Welcome To Focused Web


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